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February 22nd, 2005 - The Darker Side of Puppy Love

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February 22nd, 2005

05:12 pm - FIC: "Storytelling", by Thistlerose (R)
Title: Storytelling
Author: thistlerose
Rating: R
Summary: Lonely and bored in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, Sirius entices Remus to spend a snowy day with him.
Warnings: sexual content, language
Notes: Beta read by rynne. Cross-posted on remus_centric.

It’s strange, but it seems he had less shame when he was younger, and handsome, and desirable. After twelve years in Azkaban, with only the battered husk his youth left to him, he’s less willing to beg...


09:15 pm - FIC: Dreams by promisdtreasure (PG-13)
Title: Dreams
Author: promisdtreasure
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sirius finally gets what he wants.
Warnings: None.

</span> crossposted at remusxsirius. please review!

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10:47 pm - REC: "The Alley", by Severin (NC-17)
Title: "The Alley"

Author: Severin (severinstir)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Power, solitude, and memory.

Why I recommend it: A short but intense look at the state of mind of post-Halloween 1981 Remus Lupin – a mind that’s a world of its own where everything is grey, not black, just grey and colourless. A portrait of a man who’s anything but at peace with himself, but strangely at peace with that fact all the same. Very haunting, very beautiful, written in a unique style, subtle to the point of perfection, and featuring what is undoubtedly the best-written orgasm I’ve come across in fanfic so far.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave some feedback for the author!

EDIT: Link should be fixed now - my apologies!

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